Breaking The Last Bond Of Slavery - $ 20.00

In this tape Dr. Hagins clearly defines what is the last and final bond that keeps us oppressed and attached to the control devices of the those who have enslaved us.  He also explains the strategy that is necessary for the shattering of this last bond of slavery.  The prescriptive solution detailed in this tape will result in the liberation, resurrection and empowerment of our people.

"Habari Gani!" What Does It Mean? - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains the real, in-depth meaning of the words “Habarai Gani.” After watching this video, you will have a different attitude about the greeting “Habari Gani,” and every time you hear or say it, it will be a reminder of whether or not you are using your time wisely.

17 Years Of What I've Been Through - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins addresses the opposition that he has encountered and how he has dealt with it since his assuming the position of a Maakheru (a teacher of truth) and the Chief Elder and Spiritual Teacher of The Afrikan Village. In addition, he addresses many of the incidents of attack and the attempted neutralizing of his assignment. This DVD will teach you how to stay focused on the mission of liberation.

1st Council Of Nicea - 325 A.D., The Council That Created Jesus - $ 25.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that in order for those who have been misled to begin to see “correctly” they must have a clear, analytical understanding of the origin, strategies, mechanics, purpose and methods of the device(s) that blinded them in the first place. The title of this video says it all…watching this video will enable you to see it all.

A Drug Of Choice Called Religion - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins explains how religion is used by the masses to escape from the pain of reality. As you watch this video, you will get a clear understanding of the various drugs of choice that people turn to and how religion is the number one device that our people become “junkies” to and will harm anyone who attempts to free them from their addiction. 

A Radical Life Change - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins discusses the process of making the transformation from an anti-Afrikan philosophy into an Afrikan-centered way of living. Many of our people have chosen to stay in bondage because they are suffering a kind of amnesia that holds them captive to their condition. This video removes the excuses that we have used for not making the change that our inner spirit has directed us to.

AFRICOM: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - $ 20.00

In this DVD, Dr. Hagins addresses the need for us to passionately resist one of the most devastating devices that has been designed for the militarization and imperialist takeover of Africa for the sake of control and access to the natural and human resources of our Motherland. He also reveals how AFRICOM is the fulfillment of the Zbigniew Brzezinski agenda by Obama.

Afrikan Evidence That Demands An Afrikan Verdict - $ 35.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins provides in depth commentary and evidence from his personal photographs and video footage of the sites, temples, tombs, and pyramids filmed on location in Egypt. This tape clearly reveals the Afrikan origins of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and many other concepts of European Western civilization. Also, in this tape, there is extensive evidence of the European theft of the Ancient Afrikan origins and concepts of Freemasonry. 

Afrikans In Unity - $ 20.00

In this lecture Dr. Hagins explains and exposes the diabolical plans and documents that have been written into law under the guise of “United States National Security Memos” for the strategic, clandestine and perpetual division of Black people all over the world. This video is a MUST for those needing to awaken. 

America Is Falling - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins gives an in-depth explanation about the recent “Continuity of Government Policy” issued by the President of the United States under NSPD-51. This plan clearly outlines the devices that are already in place for the impending catastrophe(s) that are planned and will be used to facilitate an unholy and unrighteous agenda by a wicked government.

An Unconscious Paralysis Of Power - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins clearly explains that one of the most destructive things in a person’s life is trying to handle something that they simply cannot handle! This is called “powerlessness.” But, we live in a society where it is unacceptable to admit to being powerless because we interpret that as defeat. In order for us to live and maintain a healthy existence, we MUST come to grips with the reality that there are some things that we are powerless over (like it or not). 

And You Shall Know The Truth And Wish You Didn't - $ 20.00

In this DVD Dr. Hagins explains how we have been mis-educated, misled, bamboozled and hoodwinked to believe in doctrines and ideas that have held us in a condition of perpetual enslavement; spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Then he gives shattering truth that will enable the viewer to escape from the grasps of the misinformation that has held them in a state of spiritual depravity.

Are Black People Simply Unnecessary? - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains that world leaders have decided that there would be no effect on the world market if only 10% of Afrikans remained alive by the year 2020! Because world leaders have decided that the world needs the natural resources of Afrika, but not the people of Afrika.  Afrikan people have been labeled as “redundant laborers.” Since we are considered as “redundant laborers,” we are simply “unnecessary” in the world market of the future. 

Avoiding The Criminal Just-Us System - $ 20.00

What is a parent’s IMMEDIATE response to their child when they see them about to do something or touch something that would be life-threatening? Without any regard to what others think or say, a parent does whatever is necessary to secure the safety. Why do we want to kill the lion for tearing our children’s arm off; when we aren’t teaching our children to stay away from the lion? 

Black Mentacide: It Must Be Stopped - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that mentacide is "the deliberate and systematic destruction of the mind of a person or a group, with the ultimate goal being the extirpation (wiping out, pulling up by the root, complete extermination) of the person or the group” (Dr. Bobby Wright). Black African people have been under siege for more that 2,000 years by Europeans, Asians, and Arabs.

Black People Are Not Gentiles - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains the etymological meaning of the word “gentile,” and clearly defines who they are. As a result of the deracination of the awareness of ourselves, Afrikan people have been given an identity that has not only mis-defined us, but has also removed our sense of honor, pride, esteem and self worth.

Breaking Through Our Limitations - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that when it comes to the things in life that really matter, we are limited by the present dominance of our intellect. The intellect can only reason and quantify, it cannot grasp the eternal and immortal (which can only be grasped by the spirit). We need to break through the limitations that have been placed on us by what others feel should be the maximum of our existence.

Bring Balance To An Imbalanced Land - $ 20.00

 In this video, Dr. Hagins helps the viewer to see that the world is not in trouble, but the people in the world are in trouble. God designed the world to work flawlessly --- in balance and harmony with the natural order of things. So, the problem is not with the world, but its inhabitants. Dr. Hagins outlines the prescriptive solutions that are necessary to bring about a proper balance and save and heal this world.


Calvary: Where & What It Is! - $ 20.00

Many have been taught that Calvary was a hill in Jerusalem where a man called “Jesus Christ” was crucified between two thieves. But as you watch this DVD, you will see that nothing is farther from the truth! Dr. Hagins explains that there really IS a place called “Calvary,” but it is NOT in Jerusalem.

Cathedrals Of Commerce - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains how the Black church has changed from what was once an entity that was focused on being vehicles of the empowerment and liberation for Black people; but has now become organizations that are focused on raising large sums of money and are merely in the “business of religion.” These prosperity preaching centers have become the major entity in the Black community that keeps our people from attaining a sense of direction for their empowerment. 

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