The Legacy Of Afrikan Liberation - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins revisits the rising up of the Spirit of Liberation that filled great warriors like Rev. Nat Turner (a.k.a. The Black Phophet), Denmark Vessey, Sojourner Truth, Mary McCleod Bethune, the Honorable Marcus Garvey and how they resisted the programs and strategies of racism that were, and still are, designed for the perpetual enslavement of Afrikan people.

The Lies Of The Gentiles - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains how the entire world has been deceived into believing and defending a belief system that was fabricated by the European mind (i.e., The Roman Catholic Church). The major doctrines of Christianity, such as: Justification, Sin, Faith, Regeneration, Election, Glorification, Predestination, Grace, Assurance, Atonement, Eschatology, Soteriology, Anthropology, Redemption, etc., are all lies.

The Ministry Of Loving - $ 20.00

In our ancient (Afrikan) culture, the idea of “loving” was based on one’s focus of what could be given to and for the good of the other person, resulting in the yielding or bringing forth from that other person what was good for the community. In the video, Dr. Hagins provides the tools necessary for healing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. 

The Power & Joy That Comes From Knowing and Living Your Purpose - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins shares how to discover your real purpose in life? As you watch this DVD, you will understand that to discover your true purpose in life you must first empty your mind of all the false purposes and false concepts that you’ve been taught (including the idea that you may have no purpose at all), and understand that the main obstacles to knowing your purpose are misdirected and misinformed zeal! 

The Re-Institution Of Slavery - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins clearly explains that the re-institution of slavery was planned before the abolishment of slavery! He shows you how slave labor produced a steady and dependable cash flow and source of income for not only the Corporatists...but the economy as well. So, what were these fascists to do AFTER slavery?

The Real Agenda Behind The Juvenile Crimes Bill - $ 20.00

In this DVD, Dr. Hagins reveals that the Department Of Justice (DOJ) has predicted that violent crimes committed by juveniles will more than double by 2010 because of an increase in juvenile population. The juvenile crime bills are vicious bills which cannot be ignored. The unfortunate thing is, the people who are mostly ignorant about these various bills and their provisions are the members of the Afrikan community living here in Amerikkka.

The Revolution Must Be Popularized - $ 20.00

In this lecture Dr. Hagins explains that the group that has the power to enforce its definition of 'reason' so that it becomes the most 'reasonable,' consequently has a mandate to control those whose reasoning abilities are judged to be less. Therefore it has been to the elite's advantage to study our historical resistance and develop new ways of stifling it.

The Strategic Elimination Of Our Black Youth - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins tells us that according to Justice Department figures, 12.9 percent of black males ages 25-29 were in prison or jail; for white men in the same age group the number is 1.6 percent. Our (Black) young people have been targeted for elimination!!!  Our CHILDREN have been strategically, specifically, and intentionally targeted by the powers that be for pre-mature physical death!!!

The Time of The Church Is Over And Gone - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains that the “church” began in the Age of Pisces, and the major reason why people are leaving churches in droves is because they are disgruntled, discontented, dissatisfied, displeased, unhappy, irritated, and angry over the fact that they have been “DECEIVED”! Church goers are finding out that the “hope” and “expectations” that they were been given is not real, and has no place in this age known as Aquarius.

The Truth About The Federal Reserve - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins explains that the biggest threat to America are the "terrorists" that are conducting "FINANCIAL WARFARE" in America and other countries of the world, possibly leading to a Global Financial Meltdown. These "terrorists" are small covert, clandestine, London, European and American based organizations operating in the U.S.A. as a supposed "U.S. government agency". They're called the Federal Reserve.

The Truth Is Unbelievable - $ 20.00

As you watch this video, you will get a clear understanding of the different types of psychosis and how they weigh on whether or not others will be receptive to new information that may be foreign to their paradigm of thought. This video will help to equip you for the task of reaching those who seem to be unreachable with the TRUTH. 

The Unlimited & Dangerous Powers Of The President Of The USA - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins clearly explains (and defines) the laws that says "when the POTUS (President Of The United States) considers an emergency to have occurred, an Enduring Constitutional Government consisting of a cooperative effort among the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated (and controlled) by the POTUS, will take the place of the nation's regular government.

The Verdict Is In! - $ 40.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins gives a pictorial walk through the Nile Valley of his 2005 New Mind Study Tour of Ancient Egypt (Kemet). He uses over 350 pictures to provide irrefutable evidence of the Pagan-Euro-Gentile theft, copying, plagiarizing, and re-presented concepts that originated with the Nilotic peoples of Afrika thousands of years ago.

Theology Or Theosophy - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains that nothing has done more harm to the liberation, growth and spiritual development of our people than the theological perspectives and doctrines that have been programmed into our minds. As a result of believing in theological concepts, we have anesthetized our natural affinity for the theosophical nature that resides within us. 

There Will Be No Rapture And Jesus Is Not Coming Back - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins clearly explains that Jesus was firmly convinced that the Kingdom of God was "AT HAND" (i.e., immediately imminent) and that those who were living AT THAT TIME would actually witness The Great Tribulation, his second coming, and The Rapture! He clearly shows from a biblical perspective, that what Christians are looking for and anxiously awaiting today...HAS ALREADY HAPPENED! 

Trapped By A Legacy Of Suppression - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins clearly explains that in order for the dominant culture to remain dominant it must supply identities and definitions that function as a form of psychological slavery for the people whom they have targeted for suppression, discouraging aspirations and stifling their strength and will to be free.

Understanding & Meeting Each Other's Needs - $ 20.00

In this tape, Dr. Hagins explains the need for understanding the temperament needs of those whom we interact with on a daily or regular basis. After a person understands the temperament need of his or her loved one’s, this will enable them to appropriate the necessary amount of emotional, spiritual and even physical support to meet those needs. This video is essential for healing damaged relationships and emotions. 

Understanding Cultural Imperialism - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins explains that “Cultural Imperialism” is the set of ideas, concepts and agencies used to structure the behavior of a people into what is required to bring about a harmonious, stable, and prosperous society in accordance with the will of those in power! As you watch this video, you will clearly see the strategies and application by those in power of controlling the thought processes of the masses. 

Understanding Racism: What It Is & How It Works! - $ 20.00

In this tape, Dr. Hagins gives an in-depth explanation of the real reason for racism and the programs of Black genocide. You will clearly understand the purpose, strategies, devices, and symbols of racism as implemented in the 9 areas of people activity (i.e., economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war). 

Understanding The Pathology Of Criminal Behavior In Urban America - $ 20.00

In this DVD, Dr. Hagins explains how the powers that be set and determine the destructive path for our youth before they are even old enough to understand what is happening to them. He further explains how the basis for the development of this social structure is for the purpose of establishing a totally predictable economy.

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