Christianity & Islam: A Strategy For Our Division - $ 20.00

In this tape, Dr. Hagins explains that Christianity and Islam, though closely related in some aspects, are quite different from each other. Their theological differences have caused a wedge between religious leaders and their followers.  Because of these theological differences, based on fictitious and eponymous characters, many Black Afrikan people have been divided and victimized by this very effective stratagem.

Christianity & World Conquest - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins addresses the pathological side of forced Christianity as revealed in history. He presents undeniable evidence and accounts that reveal how indigenous cultures and people have been made to accept this Euro-Gentile religion as an alternative to death and/or torture.  He also enables you to see how this "program" has now come to be respected, loved, revered and defended by the descendants of those upon whom this religion was forced.

Christianity -vs- Afrikan Consciousness - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains the importance of intellectual vigilance as the proper posture toward all scholarship which ignores the origin of civilization.  The images, symbols, lifestyles, and manners of blacks in America are contradictory and thereby destructive to the personal and collective growth and development of our people.

Clinging To A State Of Mind - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that the real problem facing people of African descent is that we have been programmed to hate everything African about ourselves. When one surrounds oneself with others whose essences are equally focused in similar directions an unstoppable energy is created. When one is isolated from kindred spirits and there is no strength to be found in numbers then one must find strength within the power within.

Conscious, But Not Conscientious - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that "consciousness" has to do with the relationship between a person’s mind and the world; whereas, “conscientious” is a trait that is characterized by being intuitively aware and vigilant about doing something correctly, and in a way that will produce unity, healing, and the best outcome for everyone involved.

Cultural Imperialism: God or Government - $ 20.00

In this tape Dr. Hagins explains that one of the most effective ways to suppress a people is by putting a device in place that will disassociate a people from their God, their spirituality, their culture and their history. This is one of the most powerful traps that have been used against us as a people.

Cultural Nationalism -vs- Cultural Supremacy - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins explains the necessity for people of color determine right definitions for our histories and cultural value systems, and no longer allow ourselves to be subject to any identification other than an Afrikan one.  Otherwise we will become consumed by desires, and decaying negative self-images that become poisonous and destructive for the Afrikan community. 

Curing The Domesticated Mind - $ 20.00

When we dismantle the limitations imposed on us, we begin to feel more alive, a hint of what it is to live fully, to live in marvelous, creative undomesticated freedom. It is this freedom (liberation) that Dr. Hagins is endeavoring to get us to; but in order for him to get us there we MUST dismantle the device(s) that the enemy has placed deep within our soul. 

Deconstructing The Biblical Psychosis - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains how the biblical text has been used as the major instrument to place shackles on the minds of Black people. As a result, their entire mode of behavior with regard to fighting for their own liberation has been arrested, creating a passive, apathetic, complacent and carelessness about improving the quality of life for themselves in the here and now.

Documented Evidence Of Non-White Genocide - $ 20.00

In this DVD, Dr. Hagins discloses government documents that call for the elimination of 75% of the world’s “non-white” population by the year 2050. He gives an in-depth discourse on the epidemiology of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and AIDS. IN the lecture, Dr. Hagins reveals many of the documented facts about the HIV that have been covered up and suppressed for many years. 

EGYPT: The Source Of The Bible - $ 35.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins provides in-depth documentation to clearly show you that the world’s #1 best seller (i.e., the bible) is, de facto, a stolen, plagiarized, copied, and represented literary work that has it’s true origins in the stories, concepts, ideologies, and teachings of ancient Egypt. After watching this video, any and all arguments as to the incredibility of the bible should be laid to rest. 

Emotionally Attached To Your Imagination - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins explains how coming to a consciousness that is not the one that we were raised with is truly a spiritual, intellectual and cultural shock for us. For some it is simply unbearable because we are emotionally attached to a figment of our imagination; which is not really a figment of OUR imagination, but rather an image that was placed within our psyche causing us to see what is NOT as real.

Facing and Embracing The Inevitable - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains that just because you liked, or expected, or thought something at one point in time doesn’t mean that you will always like it, expect it, or think it; or that you have to go on liking it, or expecting it, based solely on who you were as a person. Change happens. Face and embrace your change.

Freeing Yourself From The Mechanism Of Mind Control - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that the first step in freeing an abused people is for them to understand what has blocked them from attaining freedom, and crush that obstruction. It is frightening to wake up to the fact that you live within a control system that lies to you, deprives you of knowledge and controls your destiny.

Genocide In The Name Of God - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins explains how the basis for the agenda and activities of the world's rulers for domination and control. He shows how a "strange" deity within the biblical texts approves the invasions, massacre and theft of other lands is completely within the will of God for his so-called "chosen" people. He finalizes by clearly showing how the white man believes that he is the "chosen" of God to rule the world.

Getting Rid Of Uncertainty And Indecision - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins addresses the two most debilitating weaknesses that people suffer from and how these weaknesses contribute to the problems that we are faced with in our lives on a daily basis. He also provides prescriptive steps for overcoming the pitfalls caused by uncertainty and indecision.

Go Get Your Mind Back - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains that in order for the powers that be to maintain perpetuity, our spiritual and cultural cognitive function must be redesigned by a program that twists and change everything to its own usefulness; and then integrate a system designed to perpetually divide the people that feed into it. This objectification is what created our current destructive state of being, and if we don’t wake up and see it for what it is, it will be the cause of our demise as a people.

God Is Not The Author Of Confusion...Religion Is! - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins gives an in-depth explanation how the most important thing in a person’s life is what they believe. The powers that be know that in order to have power over the people, they MUST influence and determine what the people believe about life, death, and their eternal state. This is the entire purpose and agenda behind religion.

He That Hath The Sun Hath Life - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins reveals how the Christian Church misrepresented the qualities of the Sun and attributed and personified them in a fabricated figure called “Jesus Christ” by teaching “he that hat the Son hath life.” As you watch this video it will equip you with the necessary tools for opening the eyes of those who have been blinded by a false religion. 

Homosexuality: Loving In The Wrong Places - $ 20.00

  1. In this video Dr. Hagins describes the real reason for homosexual behavior. What seems to be love is received, the person extending this love is idolized, and as the pain becomes covered over with pleasure becaused a momentary sense of self-esteem emerges - a temporary relief from the confusion of identity. 

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