Live While You Can - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that people are indoctrinated (from the womb) into a system of philosophical, psychological, political, and spiritual thought that is based on human opinion. The objective of this indoctrination is it’s imposed obligation to obedience. The Spirit of God not only gives enlightenment into what is good and true and beautiful, but also the desire and the power to walk in accordance with the truth

Living In The Dark - $ 20.00

In this tape Dr. Hagins explains that if the sun should suddenly appear in a cave where people are only accustomed to living in the dark, the ONLY thing that the inhabitants of that cave would perceive about the sun is the harm that it has done to their eyes. The excess of light would only result in blinding them. This tape is a necessary tool in preparing you how to share the light of truth with those who are living in the dark. 

Living In The Now - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains that positive and negative emotions all come from the result of the desires and cravings that emanate from dwelling in the past and projecting problems and scenarios into the future. The present moment is the most valuable thing that we have; yet, we destroy the present moment with thoughts about what happened, or what might be happening elsewhere or, what may happen later on. 

Living Without Thinking - $ 20.00

In this DVD, Dr. Hagins explains how our minds have been molded into a habit of not thinking! Instead of exercising our capacity to “reason,” we would rather intellectually operate within the realm of what we’ve been told to think. As a result of being told WHAT to think, we have not learned HOW to think. We, therefore, have been conformed to the world system of religious thought.

Lost And Unable To Remember Where You Came From - $ 20.00

Psycho-spiritual amnesia can be very difficult to treat because of its special kinds of memory dysfunction (i.e., cultural amnesia, spiritual amnesia, ethnic amnesia, etc.). As a result, many believers have a hard time dealing with reality because truth has been replaced with falsified concepts from the minds of influential religious leaders, and the people have been made to think that these concepts (emanating from the minds of these leaders) are the mind of God. 

Messed Up By Religion - $ 20.00

In this video tape, Dr. Hagins addresses how the love and devotion to the religions and belief systems that Black Afrikan people have adopted from those who have oppressed us is what has perpetuated the enslavement of Black Afrikan peoples.  In this tape, you will learn how we, as Afrikans, can and will deliver ourselves from this evil program called “religion.”

Mind Control In The Black Community - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains that the first step in freeing an abused people is to understand what has blocked them from attaining freedom, and crush that obstruction. Mind control is the subconscious manipulation of a person’s thought processes. Because it is subconscious, the victims don’t even know that they are being made to think what the controllers want them to think! 

Mind Manipulation & The Battle For The Bible - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins discusses and various programs and devices that have been implemented, over the centuries, to create a paralysis of analysis when it comes to the biblical perspective. As you watch this DVD, you will not be able to deny the facts presented that will make you take a closer look at how the minds of the masses have been manipulated to believe in the wrong thing.

Mission IS Possible - $ 20.00

In this tape, Dr. Hagins explains how in trying to carry out the mission of Afrikan liberation, we will encounter people who see the world, not as it is, but as they have been conditioned to see it! These encounters often cause those who are conscious to feel as though it is an exercise in futility to try to awaken our people. This DVD will help one to realize that despite the obstacles and opposition, the mission of Afrikan liberation IS possible! 

NJIA: The Ideology Of Victorious Thought - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that Njia is an Afrikan concept expressed in an Afrikan-centered perspective which is grounded in the historical experience of Afrikan people. Njia is that which has inspired the Afrikan spirit that is found in the traditions of our people, and Njia is also the expression of the spiritual survival of an Afrikan essence in America and throughout the Diaspora.

No Evidence...No Argument! - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins gives an in-depth, pictorial presentation of the systematic removal of the reliefs, images, and artifacts that reveal the truth of the ancient Afrikan presence in the cradle of civilization. As you watch this DVD, you will see the blatant atrocities that were perpetrated upon the sacred monuments, tombs and temples built by our ancient Afrikan Ancestors and what must be our responsibility today in maintaining a remembrance of our Ancient past. 

Ordo Ab Chao (Order From Chaos)! - $ 20.00

Egypt is the center of gravity in the Arab world, and if were Egypt to stop their cooperation or become hostile, the U.S. strategy would be severely undermined. Therefore, for the sake of U.S. “foreign policy objectives,” chaos had to be created in Egypt (as in other countries). Because the bible speaks about Egypt being overrun, the ignorant see this crisis as prophetic fulfillment! 

Our Story Is Ante-Christ, Not Anti-Christ - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins discusses how the principles (NOT the doctrines) that are practiced in the Romanized religion known as “Christianity” existed thousands of years before a so-called Jesus Christ was ever fabricated in the minds of Roman Catholic bishops. He gives a clear explanation as to why Diasporan Afrikans need to sankofa (return to our past) so that we can get a proper footing for our spiritual and personal empowerment. 

Owning Your Own Business - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains and addresses the ups and downs of starting and operating your own business. He talks about everything from conceiving the idea, to forming a corporation, to obtaining and EIN (Employer Identification Number), to financial management, to the pitfalls of running your own business, and so much more.

Positioning Yourself For Power - $ 25.00

In this video Dr. Hagins addresses the need for our people to legally position themselves to navigate in a society where they are not bound by statutes and laws that have been written to include them without their permission. He gives an in-depth explanation of what documents must be filed for a person to live Sui Juris (i.e., in the power of one’s own right). This video is a must for those who want to protect themselves from laws designed to harm us.

Racism In The Guise Of Religion - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins gives an in-depth explanation how European historiographers have controlled the thinking of the people of the world through religious literature. causing them to be at war with each other, engage in “God ordained” genocidal programs, suffer low self-esteem and self-hatred, and refuse to appreciate their own identity.

Re-Establishing Ourselves For A Better Tomorrow - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains the need for us to de-educate and re-educate ourslves and our children with the knowledge necessary for us to secure a working relationship with one another for our empowerment and survival in the world.

Reaching The Point Of No Return - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that we reach the point of no return when we cannot do anything but obey our divinely appointed assignment. We must go forward, because to turn back would mean the destruction of our lives and nullification of our purpose. If you want to do something significant, and go higher, faster, and further than you have ever gone in your spiritual growth, then you must PASS the point of no return! 

Rehabilitation Or Final Destination - $ 20.00

In this DVD Dr. Hagins explains the necessity of implementing levels of prevention as a method of saving our youth from the impending doom that awaits them if major corporations have their way. In this DVD he reveals the correlation between the corrections industry, government employees, and politicians and how this relationship is geared for big profits from jailing our people.

Removing S.H.I.T. From Your Life - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins explains the need to cleanse and protect ourselves from the negative energies that invade our sacred space through various thought forms brought on by attacks on our mind. This video will teach the viewer how to deal with negative energetic vibrations that are directed towards them from others.

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