Removing The Compulsive Need To Destroy Ourselves - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that most of the problems of the African family originate from our having been assaulted for over 3,000 years. This war upon us has brought about the phenomenon called Compulsive Self-Destructive Behavior Syndrome. This syndrome is manifested by the fact that no matter what we may achieve, we are predisposed to act in a manner that is destructive to our self or others. 

Reversing Your Own Oppression - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins clearly explains that oppression requires the dissociation of the oppressed from themselves; that they deny themselves, in service to their oppressors; that they avoid identifying with their original personality and perceive identification with it as detrimental to their survival. The ONLY way this can be corrected is for the individual to realize his condition and consciously and intentionally take the necessary steps to turn from it.

Sabotaging Your Own Spirituality - $ 20.00

When people first begin to get serious about their spirituality, they are often surprised that the developmental process is not as easy as they expected it to be. In this video, Dr. Hagins will help you to identify what causes people to prevent their own spiritual development process.

Sol Invictus: Feast Of The Unconquered Sun - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins teaches about the pagan origins of what is called “Christmas.” Invictus was a Roman god that was worshipped by Emperor Constantine. “Sol” means sun! Therefore, the Roman (pagan) known as Constantine decreed the worship of his sun god to be the focus of the winter solstice being “born” on December 25th. The Roman Church incorporated this decree and personified the object of this pagan worship in the person of their newly fabricated “savior” called Jesus Christ.

Some Folks Just can't Let Go! - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains the difficulty that so many of our people have in disconnecting from their attachment to the religions that have been given to us by those who meant to keep us enslaved. He clearly shows the viewer why it is imperative to be patient with those who are “trapped” in a belief system that has them locked in fear and uncertainty.

Spirituality: What It Is & What It Is Not! - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that the primary obstacles to experiencing spirituality are the religions that demand rituals, posture, doctrine and form. Because spirituality is individualistically unique and personal, it cannot be formatted to a prayer formula, or a practice that is carried out by decree or tradition. 

The Afrikan Warrior Hidden Inside The Negro - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins explains that out of the furnace of racial terrorism and mis-education, a certain mindset was programmed into the newly cloned creature called “THE NEGRO.” He further explains that it is imperative that we understand that this mindset was designed to benefit those who had enough money to buy Black people and eradicate or snuff out their identity in THE SLAVE-MAKING PROCESS. 

The Application Of Knowledge - $ 20.00

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins discusses the problematic concerns that keep us from reaching the potential that God has given to us. He explains how we have been given a frame of reference that is based in what is not true, nor factual. As a result we are unable to appropriate any solution to our predicament. This video will enable you to understand how to apply right knowledge for the healing of our people, our homes and our communities. 

The Birth And Planned Destiny Of The United States Of Amerikkka - $ 20.00

In this tape Dr. Hagins explains the European doctrine of “manifest destiny.” You will learn how the European powers genuinely believe that God has destined them to rule the world by any means necessary. Dr. Hagins explains the symbols on the one dollar bill and clearly reveals the plans of the founding fathers of the United States of America to establish a New World Order. 

The Bloodline Conspiracy In Religion And World Affairs - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins discusses how Christianity was designed by the Greco-Roman, Euro-Gentile invaders to intentionally, strategically and specifically remove the truth of the Afrikan system of spirituality and replace it with a powerless, copied, plagiarized version for the purpose of world domination and control by a family bloodline connection from Philip of Macedonia (358 B.C.) to mostly all major world leaders throughout history up to the present day (including the Presidents of the U.S.A.).

The Business Of Religion - $ 20.00

In this tape, Dr. Hagins explains the power, influence and profit that the institution of religion has made by using and misleading the minds of the masses. He further explains how all religions are merely the deification of various cultures for the sake of control and domination over the peoples of the world. This video will clearly enable the viewer to understand the difference between religion and spirituality, and seek for the latter. 

The Castration Of Afrikan Empowerment - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains how the European bible (the almost 200+ versions of it) is the most anti-Afrikan book on this planet.  He reveals the code within a biblical story (the Tower of Babel) about the decapitation and castration of Black Afrikan empowerment.  This video will clearly show you how Afrikans lost their power, and the plan (or strategy) to prevent Afrikans from ever coming back to the point of empowering themselves.

The Caterpillar & The Artificial Cocoon --- Religion, Spirituality, and The Black Community - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins uses a story about a mouse who observed a caterpillar be transformed into a beautiful butterfly and then formed a business with the cooperation of other mice making artificial cocoons so that other butterflies would not experience this transforming power. This video is an excellent teaching tool for helping our children to understand the device(s) that have been strategically placed to prevent us from becoming what we were divinely designed to be.

The Cause Of Our Condition - $ 20.00

The scriptures declare, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  But we (as a people) are not free!  We are still chained to the bondage of psychological and spiritual slavery. Hence we suffer from powerlessness; we are lifeless, deracinated, without vision, without purpose, without direction, etc.; which has resulted in us calling on God by a name that the heathen gave us to call on him by.

The Crises Of Failure - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins explains that the fear of failure is the number one thing that keeps people from moving forward to where it is that they need to go. In the areas of finance, relationships, careers, opportunity, self-improvement, etc. we are under arrest and cannot forge ahead because we honestly think that we will not make it.

The Demise Of The Christian Faith - $ 20.00

In this tape, Dr. Hagins explains why the momentum of the Roman Catholic Church is declining at such a fast rate. He addresses the fact that many doctrines that have been forced upon our people over the centuries are coming face-to-face with analysis and scrutiny that is disarming the program and agenda of the Euro-Gentile purpose(s) of religion. As a result of the exposing of the lies told to us by Euro-Gentile, Greco-Roman thought, our people are beginning to experience Afrikan spiritual liberation.

The False teachings Of The Apostle Paul - $ 20.00

In this video, Dr. Hagins reveals the errors of the doctrines supposedly written by the fictitious, self-appointed apostle known as Paul. He clearly shows that the Pauline message of original sin, total depravity, justification, atonement, and adoption is a compilation of ideas that he fabricated for the purpose of deceiving the masses. This is an excellent video for reaching those who are still bound to Christianity.

The Gift Of Wisdom - $ 20.00

In this video Dr. Hagins teaches that the circumstances and issues that come along with the process of liberating, resurrecting and empowering Afrikan people; there is a God-given quality or a character trait that is needed today (more than ever).  That God-given quality or trait is called “wisdom.” Wisdom is the capacity to exercise sound judgment in applying right knowledge and principles to particular circumstances.

The Illegitimacy Of A People Called "Jews" - $ 20.00

In this video tape, Dr. Hagins reveals that the very people who have been recognized as “God’s chosen people” are, in fact, an illegitimate people who DID NOT exist (as a people) until the 6th century A.D. He clearly explains that these European Caucasoids have, via violence, deceit and misdirection, misled the entire world into believing the propaganda that they have perpetrated through “sacred” literature (i.e., The Torah, Bible, and Qur’an), resulting in them being the most powerful people in the world. 

The In-Credibility Of The Bible - $ 20.00

In this tape Dr. Hagins gives an in-depth explanation of how the bible has been mis-represented as a divinely inspired collection of sacred writings; when in reality, it is a conspired literary program of cultural and philosophical thought with the underlying agenda of controlling the masses. Dr. Hagins clearly shows how many passages in the bible have hidden meanings and have been strategically omitted from the published literature used for instruction in Judeo-Christian churches and schools. 

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